The perks of being single

It’s a new year and time I start trying to write some entries on here again. I’m still happily single and dating non committally. I have seen a few guys over the past few months but only recently started actively going out on dates again. I suppose I’m on the search for a new “friend with benefits” and a few new faces to go out with occasionally. I’m pretty busy with the rest of my life right now (trying to find a new job and having to move etc) so dating hasn’t really been my main priority but it does make for a good distraction sometimes so I figured it might make for some good stress relief.

So far in 2014 a random guy made friends with me and then took me on vacation to Jamaica despite my making it painfully clearI would never sleep with him or date him, my “FWB” then took me to my favorite fancy ski resort right after that and I was even offered by an acquaintance I met at a course last year to fly me to florida and set me up working for him and paying for my expenses to do so ( I did not take him up on it since I barely know him and never had much contact with him even at the course). But these are opportunities I would never have gotten had I been in a serious relationship.

My ex of 9yrs is still in a [happy] relationship with his current girlfriend which although I miss him I am happy about. My ex from 13 yrs ago who I am sadly still very much in love with has dissipated back out of my life again over the last 3 months and I’m assuming he is probably seeing someone but I don’t care to know so I have just not bothered attempting to contact or see him. There are a few other past guys that have popped back up here and there (I usually stay friends with my ex’s or guys I date) but still no one serious and no one who has come close to making me think I want anything serious.

Most recently I went on about 5 dates with an awesome guy who is probably 80% of the things on my want list but I’ve totally friend zoned the poor guy. We haven’t even kissed but I haven’t stopped talking to him because he is such a sweetheart.. I am just not feeling any chemistry towards him unfortunately.

The guy that took me to Jamaica has since left the picture after realizing he was never going to have control over me or convince me to fall in love or be with him in ANY way. The Ski resort FWB has also left the picture because I didn’t feel like he was good for me to be around anymore and I had stopped trusting him.

So now here I am, 2 months into 2014 and looking at potentially changing my whole life once more and moving away and starting with new faces entirely. For me 2014 started out amazingly on a gorgeous beach in Jamaica and then on beautiful snow covered mountains snowboarding. I thought for sure that meant 2014 was going to be a good year. It’s super stressful at the moment but I am still choosing to believe it’s all taking me to where I need to be and to what will make me happy. The downside of the place I’m considering moving to is that the population is substantially smaller and much higher in age so the amount of single young guys is pretty scarce..but the plus side is that on average the few there are there are also WAY better looking because of the type of city it is.

So hopefully I will keep up more consistently with my posts and be able to share my hilarious dating experiences and philosophies on dating and if nothing else, make someone else feel better about their dating life! lol


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